Friday, February 17, 2017

The PGA at Baltusrol

I'm a little behind in my reminiscing but this event was so much fun.

This past summer I had the chance to attend my first PGA tournament for the first round on Thursday, July 28th. I’ve been to see the LPGA before, but this was a whole different scene.
I couldn’t have been more excited. Or hot. Holy mackerel – we had tickets for what had to be the hottest day of the summer. Although we were only standing there, desperately trying to find a bit of shade here and there, I couldn’t help but think about what it must have been like to play – let alone walk (those caddies deserved medals) in that heat. 

We arrived in time to see Phil, Rory and Jason coming up the 16th fairway, where on his approach shot, Phil had tucked his ball to the left of the green, behind the traps and behind one of the barriers erected as part of the tournament. We watched as Phil, exhibiting full flop-shot finery at its best, came up and over all to land in a supreme spot on the green….and then miss the putt. Gosh I love watching that man’s short game.

We found a great spot by the 5th green, where golfers were challenged all day by a pin placement in the back left corner. This hole required precision firing on second shots. If they missed slightly long, they went into the “collection area” and had to putt back up to the pin from below – an almost impossible hole out. We were so close to the players from our spot here, it was really fun to watch them.

Afterward, we moved to the middle of the 6th fairway – finding a spot in what we expected to be the landing zone for most of the drives. We guessed pretty well and were treated to up close and personal fairway shots by all of our favorite players as they sought the green. There were also very large maple trees lining the right side of this fairway so this helped get us out of the unbelievably hot 90 degree plus sun.

Although it’s fun to watch the long ball blasters like Dustin Johnson (I could watch him wind up and swing all day long) and Bubba Watson, what I enjoyed most was watching the around the green mastery by my favorites: Mickelson, Day, Stenson, Fowler. It was a great day, despite the heat!

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