Friday, April 10, 2015

Oh my what a Friday so far!

The day isn't even over but I am so excited. First it is thrilling to see Tiger Woods playing so well - so well in fact, that he is a few shots ahead of this year's golden boy, #RoryMcIlroy, in my favorite tournament of the year, The Masters. Who would have predicted that? I suspect no one. I couldn't be happier for him. For all he has been through, he still is to me a delight to watch. He has the sweetest swing and is by far the most talented golfer we are likely to ever see in our lifetime. (Well, unless Bubba's son keeps going with that little pink driver he just got). Go #TigerWoods. There are two days left for us to watch your magic. Keep it going.

Jordan Spieth has played nothing short of amazing so far. To be -14 after 36 holes; having set a new Masters record is just phenomenal. He looks so calm on the surface that I wonder if he is like a duck, with his emotions paddling like a madman beneath the flat calm. I can only imagine - because he is making it all look so easy. Jordan is one special young man this week. I wish him well. No one would have predicted this either. I can't imagine anyone catching him at this point, but stranger things have happened, and amazingly talented players before him have crashed and burned on the weekend. This will be some weekend of television to watch.

I can't wait.

The Par 3 Contest – A Day of Fun, Sweet Moments and 5 Hole Outs!

Of course the talk was all about Tiger Woods returning to play in the Masters; but not just that, he came with his kids and Lindsay Vohn and participated in the Par 3 Contest for the first time since 2004. He was joyful in every press event about what it meant to be at the tournament. He was a different Tiger than the man with whom we are familiar. His happiness was infectious.  But that’s not all that happened.

Trevor Immelman nailed the first ace of the day on the 5th. Camilo Villegas scored two aces on the 4th hole. Latin American Amateur, Matias Dominguez also aced the 4th hole.  Jack Nicholas recorded a very special ace on the 4th hole – at age 75 – even spinning it back into the cup. Spectacular moment; with his grandson by his side.

Little Bubba wouldn’t have been any cuter with that big pink driver. A chip off the ol’ block in the making for sure. Patrick Reed giving a shoulder ride to his daughter; sporting his hat tan lines and giant smile was great to see.

And of course Kevin Steelman took honors with a win in the sudden death playoff with Camilo Villegas. The win was made even more special for Kevin, and especially his caddy, 13 year old Ethan Couch. Ethan Couch is debilitated by a benign, but unfortunately inoperable, brain tumor. This child’s one wish was to go to the Masters. Through Make-A-Wish, Streelman not only made that happen for him, but chose him to be his caddy. What a gift for both of them.