Saturday, October 3, 2015

Wildlife and golf on a Friday

One beautiful Friday after work I had just enough light and time to play the first two holes on the course before heading back to the clubhouse for dinner with friends. The second green is only a short walk to the parking lot so it makes a great quick stop to keep your swing loose. Between the 2nd tee box and the dense woods are a few trees after which there is about 125 yards' width of open fairway and rough. As I stood on the 2nd tee box The squeals and yips of what sounded like a very large pack of coyotes erupted out of the woods behind me. I know that sound. Really loud and eerie. Clearly they had something and it was dinner time for the pack. It was a little unnerving to hit a golf ball with all that going on only at most 250 yards behind me in the woods. I was praying I didn't look like a tasty dessert. I hit my drive and high-tailed it down the fairway (yes walking) with lots of speed. 

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