Saturday, October 3, 2015

One down, one to go...[update!]

My partner Kelly and I made it through the first round of the MetNet MGA Women's Fourball Championship, playing at the Milbrook Club in lovely Greenwich, CT. We came in -5 under par with a 67 and were the first place finishers on the day among 16 teams.  I have to tell you we were shocked. There were women playing in another qualifying round in New a jersey who shot -15 under par net 55. We were worried our score wouldn't qualify when we saw that!

Our next round, and the finals is to be played on October 14 (postponed from October1) at Hampshire Country Club in Mamaroneck, NY. We are praying that the golf Gods shine down upon us that day with good scores. My plan is to play a little smarter, and anticipate that, especially with all the recent rain, that shots won't travel as far. We will for sure have a lot of fun. [Update - we unfortunately had to back out of the finals due to Kelly's mom having a heart attack and her departing to Florida to provide moral support and be a caregiver. We will try again next year!]

Wildlife and golf on a Friday

One beautiful Friday after work I had just enough light and time to play the first two holes on the course before heading back to the clubhouse for dinner with friends. The second green is only a short walk to the parking lot so it makes a great quick stop to keep your swing loose. Between the 2nd tee box and the dense woods are a few trees after which there is about 125 yards' width of open fairway and rough. As I stood on the 2nd tee box The squeals and yips of what sounded like a very large pack of coyotes erupted out of the woods behind me. I know that sound. Really loud and eerie. Clearly they had something and it was dinner time for the pack. It was a little unnerving to hit a golf ball with all that going on only at most 250 yards behind me in the woods. I was praying I didn't look like a tasty dessert. I hit my drive and high-tailed it down the fairway (yes walking) with lots of speed.