Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Quaker Cup

This year I was asked to captain the women's New York's Quaker Cup team in the annual tournament pitting NY and CT women's and men's teams in a Ryder Cup format tournament for annual honors in the quest for the cup.

My co-captain and I had a tight roster of 8 women who fought hard against CT in three rounds of 6 hole matches in Best Ball, Alternate Shot and Singles competitions. For the third year in a row, New York held fast and retained the cup, 5 points to 3, with the singles matches determining the fate of the teams, as the scores were all square going into the individual competitions. 

Pitted against the dual club champion in singles, I held on until the last two holes, as were were dormie. I had to win them or go home. I lost on the next hole when my opponent birdied the par 3 and my drive went into the bunker. Despite my gorgeous bunker shot out to within 5 feet of the pin, (my sand shot lessons are so paying off!) my friend and opponent sank her 10 footer for birdie.

All was fun and the New York girls performed extremely well and everyone had a great time.