Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Irons

I finally took the plunge and bought new irons....after nine years. I had bought Callaway irons in 2006. At the time, they felt okay but I never had a good iron game with these clubs; never felt I could count on them for a critical shot to the pin, especially for anything beyond my short irons. It was time.

I tested three brands - #Callaway, #Ping, and #Cobra with  my pro. I felt like Goldilocks testing the three beds. #Callaway felt like lead in my hands. I couldn't get a good launch from these irons. Despite my success with my #Cobra driver and woods, the #Cobra irons were too light and whippy for me. They didn't feel good in my hands either. I didn't get consistent ball strike with them. #Ping on the other hand, was pretty much perfect.

I bought the #Ping Rhapsody women's irons - sand wedge through 6 iron and the 4 and 5 hybrids. I'm in love. It gets better every week. I'm getting more distance, consistent ball strike and an iron I can count on. I am very excited about playing with my irons now. So much so that I want to scrap my woods now too and move to a complete Ping bag. Maybe after I recover from this expense!

Thanks, Ping!