Sunday, May 13, 2012

If it's good enough for Yani? New Clubs, Part Two

My fairway is in decent shape, okay it will be once I get my irons under control. Now I need to start thinking about a new driver. The drive I have been playing with for the past six (yes I know that's a long time and tech has changed) was custom made for me by one of the guys I play with back in 2006. Custom head, shaft, etc. based on my swing, playing ability, etc. I can smack that thing 200 plus yards on a perfect day. Only problem with it is that the sweet spot is small and the margin for error is larger than I would like.

I have been making notes about what the top LPGA Tour players play. With Yani Tseng racking up the wins, I thought I would see what's in her bag. Yani supposedly plays with the Adams Speedline Driver 9030. No one can complain about her ability to win with this club given that she is currently number one on the tour. I think this club may be tops on my list of clubs to test.

Go Yani.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The New Clubs, Part One

My golf bag is evolving. I purchased two new woods; the Cobra three and five baffler woods. The best part is that I bought them on EBay for the sum total of $135.00. I have really stepped up my fairway success with these clubs. The five wood is almost a no miss club. Like any three wood, I use that club judiciously on more perfect lie situations but it does produce great results when well hit. Great purchase. It has had me thinking that perhaps there are people (professionals excepted) who are woods and driver hitters and those who are irons hitters. I generally hit my woods and driver well. I don't hit my irons well; at least not with any consistency. I can't figure out that whole hitting down and taking a chunk of grass thing. I think my swing is too flat. Or perhaps I just don't have enough oomph to take the grass. Don't get me wrong, with enough practice I can hit a good shot with my irons; but I can't count on them. I don't stand up there knowing that when I swing it will be the same each time. Where is that muscle memory everyone talks about? It seems to work fairly consistently with my "other" clubs. Perhaps it is time to a) get some more lessons and/or b) get some upgraded irons. As any golfer knows, it can't be me it must be the clubs, right?