Sunday, August 7, 2011

Adam and Stevie

Quite an interesting weekend on the course. Tiger fires Stevie, who takes up with Adam Scott. Tiger, as we all know, hasn't won anything in a long time, let alone played.

Low and behold - at today's Bridgestone Invitational, Adam Scott, with Stevie on the bag, takes home first place - his first World Golf Championship title. Steve must be feeling a tag bit smug. He's obviously a good caddy; so good for him. Good for Adam; who is charming and adorable.

Tiger is still figuring things out. He finished 18 shots back with his long-time friend on the bag. Who knows underneath it all what compelled Tiger to fire Steviie - but they sure had a good long winning run. Tiger's losing streak had nothing whatsoever to do with who was carrying the bag for him. It was probably the one thing in his life that didn't seem broken; but hey, what do I know.

I thoroughly enjoy Tiger Woods doing well in golf, don't get me wrong. It will be good for golf for him to return to the golfer he once was. When he's "on" he is a thing of beauty to watch. I look forward to seeing him play and once again enjoying his time on the course; and yes, winning. But I'm also happy for Stevie and Adam.

(Getty image-PGA)