Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's with my irons?

Played it before and wanted to shoot myself. Played it this week and it was like the real me showed up and I posted a 93. Okay except for some iron shots; well a lot of iron shots. Not bad considering I've played seven times this season.

I always try to get to the course and hit the range before I go out to play. I go to the range and I am hitting picture perfect nine iron shots one after another. I nail the imaginary range green every single time. Transfer that same distance shot to the track and out comes a shank, a pull, a dribble, and any other form of miss-hit you can muster. ARGGHGHGH! Why does this happen? It has to all be in my head.

This mostly happens on the par three holes where I truly want to score - or at least get the ball near the green for a chip and putt opportunity. But most of the time, I psych myself out and it's not to be.

The reality is, I am a long ball hitter. Give me a par four or a par five and a big fairway and I can plunk one out there at least 200 yards with my driver. Hell, I was 30 yards off the green on a 265 yard par four, and thank Zod, I made par. But give me a short hole and lately I collapse. If there is water, sometimes I don't think there's a club big enough, because I'm in it.

I know it's all in my head; okay maybe some of it is in the execution, but this has got to stop.