Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Redeemed Playing With The Girls

Phew. I thought I had lost it completely. My game that is. I found it golfing with the girls. At least it was back temporarily. Last Thursday Vicky, Mary, Kelly and I drove up to Copake Country Club in beautiful Copake Lake, New York to play their public course. It was spectacular.

The views were gorgeous, the track was in great shape, although I have to say I think the fairways were cut a little long. The greens were fast. We all played pretty well. We played skins. Vicky and Mary against Kelly and me. Kelly and I finished the day with 6 skins.

Shots of the day included Kelly driving the green on a 218 yard hole, never thinking she was going to get there. Prior to her stepping up to tee, I said, "You can drive this green, it's 218." Either she didn't hear me, or didn't believe me. She stood up and knocked one down there, hitting the cart parked to the left of the green (and pin high) of the stunned foursome of men in front of us.  Mortified, when we got down there she raced off in the cart to apologize, only to have them congratulate her on "one helluva shot."

Vicky chipped in a beautiful shot off the green on the back nine to exclaim, "I always could putt best from that distance."

All in all we had a great time and everyone played good golf. I shot a 92 for the day and was thrilled. My drive worked, I putted well. My short shots could have been better but hey, it was my third time out so I'm really thrilled with my score. Not only that we beat the torrential downpour by about 10 minutes.

I look forward to playing with the girls more often. We're trying new places. We're targeting Casperkill and Centennial for our next outing at a different club. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful Day for Golf, Had Only I Actually Played

What a gorgeous day it was on the course. The sky was blue, the course was a lovely, albeit tight track. Tight, was not a word I would use to describe my game. Actually "game" was not a word that should even come into play to discuss what I had going on yesterday. But I had fun with a very patient (awfully cute and very good golfing) partner on the course who smiled, cajoled and looked for my frequently lost miss hits. The man was a saint.

I learned three valuable lessons yesterday: First, all work and no play makes me a very bad golfer. Second, just because I can hit great shots on the range does not guarantee I will be able to hit anything on the course. Last, I should never tell anyone my handicap setting expectations that are going to crush me. The only thing working yesterday was my putter. Thank goodness for small favors.

Somers Pointe, aka Heritage Hills Golf Club, is a beautiful course with ups and downs and challenging lies. From the blue tees it tops out at 6,050 yards with a slope of 129. The women's red tees cut it down to 4,923 with a slope of 123. I played from the front and needed every yard of that gift. My driver worked all of twice. I had one decent fairway shot. It was those shots that reminded me my game was still there somewhere hiding under no practice and golf date nerves.

I will make time to find my game again. When I do play I remember how much I love it and why. The physical and mental challenge, the camaraderie, the sheer beauty of being out in a lush environment on a spectacular day. Heck for that matter, I've never even minded being out there on a crappy day. I've played some of my best golf in a misting rain.

Perhaps Cameron Diaz can give me club throwing lessons? I think I might have been able to throw the club further than I could hit the ball yesterday.

All work and no golf makes for a cranky girl with a bad swing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making Time for Golf

So far this golf season, work is overtaking my game. Okay how about obliterating it. I promised myself that even though I was taking a golf hiatus from my regular club that I would make the time and effort to play at all the other public courses in the area that I had neglected to play due to my membership in a private club. Just to name a few: The Links at Union Vale, Centennial, Richter Park, Baird State Park, Ridgefield Golf Club, and many others are calling my name! I can even practice my short game at Dutcher in Pawling - one of the oldest golf courses in the country, dating back to the late 1800's.

For a girl who played four times a week in my competitive years, my number of rounds tallied and scores posted this year is pretty pathetic - as in one. But my real estate business at Houlihan Lawrence is starting to pop, so investing in other areas of my life right now like making my clients happy is worthwhile. Perhaps some golfing clients will find me and will want to tour all the local courses before making a home purchase decision! That will help me improve my game and help me bond with my clients!

My goal of playing all the other local courses should also help my game. I really believe that playing the same course over and over is a disadvantage when you do finally go play somewhere else. I always score much higher at other courses because I can't accurately predict the distance to the green or how much club I'll need to get there. I know every inch of my own golf course, even how most putts will run. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm shooting in the 70's there, but I do know what I'm supposed to do, all skills and execution aside.

I've played one round at my own course and gone to the range twice. Pathetic really. I am playing tomorrow at a new course and hope to play well but am not expecting much except to have fun. That's the point, right?

I left the office at 6:00 pm last night and spent two careful hours on the range. I've still got most of my swing, although it's rusty. It took me a few swings to find it for each club - and I went through my entire bag. Driver needs work. Mid-irons need a few balls hit to get the swing going. On a positive note, I lived up to my blog's moniker and was putting lights out, sinking three 25 footers across the green and nailing multiple short putts with ease. There was no way to practice chipping and it's the short shots make or break the game. Those careful shots from off the green require so much precision and practice. These are the ones that leave me when I don't play. Good thing I can putt.