Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tiger Who?

So much has been written about the events surrounding Tiger Woods' transgressions with other women that it is impossible not to comment.  Does the family deserve their privacy, yes absolutely.  However, it is impossible to offer them the privacy they deserve when their lives have become so public.

First, I have to agree with those that have written that the public does not know Tiger Woods, the man.  Reminds me of the title of one of my favorite songs, "You Don't Know Me," sung by Jann Arden.  We don't know this man.  The public at large knows "Tiger Woods, Inc." The public personna and brand that has been developed, molded, marketed and televised for our viewing pleasure.  This "package" if you will (of even if you won't) has been in the making since he was but a wee boy.  When has Tiger Woods ever been able to be just a normal person?  Imagine what that does to one's psyche, one's ego, one's sense of power and entitlement?

Who knows what he is like behind closed doors.  Who are we to judge?  There are probably very few people who actually know what kind of person he truly is inside.  What does the public really know about the true personality and psyche of this incredible athlete who has spent his entire life preparing for the spotlight, who is a master at remaining in control, who has been taught never to allow himself to falter.  I can't imagine how that might have affected these types of choices he's made.  To just feel free enough to do something so uncharacteristic that no one would have ever expected of him.  Hmmm.

If one is to believe the press reports, it would appear that Mr. Woods (I dare not take the familiar tone for I do not know him) had an entire secret life filled with other women.  That said, one might wonder where he found the time to have relationships with four different women in addition to having a family life, not to mention the amount of time he spends practicing his craft.  It's not like he's at the bottom of the golf heap!  Whether he did or didn't, in my opinion, these women should not profit from the moment - and the more that pop out - the more I think their intent is to do just that.

If he stepped outside his marriage, he was wrong.  Men in power (okay yes women, too) seem to find this an irresistable temptation. Yes, he may be a golf-God, but he is in fact, just a man.  A human being with all of the frailties that go along with that.  We don't know him.  We don't know what his life is like when he steps off the 18th green and goes home.  We don't know what goes on inside his head.  We only see what Tiger Woods, Inc. the brand wants us to see: a manufactured personna for sponsors, the PGA and your television and in person viewing pleasure: one of the greatest golfers in history (if not THE greatest).

Somehow I believe that fans' memories are short.  As long as Tiger continues to play great golf, the world will move on.  Sadly, it is Elin who will have to decide if she can face the world with her head held high and live with her husband's transgressions on and off camera in the years to come.