Friday, October 30, 2009

Living Vicariously Through Others

I haven’t played golf in weeks.  Please bear with me while I whine just for a few sentences.  My handicap inched up back up from its low of 16.0 to 16.3 in its latest incarnation thanks to my honest posting of some rounds at the peak of my horridness late this season.  From a low of 88 - yes there are a lot of combined scores in there - to a high of 101, I started going downhill fast in August and lost a lot of time to play as I was building my new real estate business.  A higher handicap does equal more strokes in competition, so I’m just going to suck it up.  After playing in the handicap competition this August and giving 32 strokes to an earnest fellow competitor (to whom I lost), it’s all good.  That's the point of handicaps, right?

On the flip side, I’ve been living vicariously through fellow blogger, Heather - - who regularly cracks me up, and who, last I checked, was on the cusp of succeeding in her quest to reduce her handicap to single digits before the 2009 “regular” season ends.  Go Heather!  (for all I know she might have done it by now and I might have missed it...)  Her blogs are always entertaining and interesting and she always has interesting products mentioned on her site.  I should be so persistently interesting and regularly posting.  Note to self – get on here more often and do what you do well: which is write.  I encourage all to check out her site.

In the Northeast, the weather hasn’t much cooperated this season with way too much rain and an early Fall onset that impeded much of our golf season.  The club had to cancel several of the largest revenue producers – the Sunday Scramble events – which are couples events that involve golf and dinner and are usually sell-out events – due to rain.  Interestingly this year, the Men’s member guest tourney had almost half as many participants as in the prior year.  The question is was it money or lack of interest.  Remains to be seen – surveys are out and expected in later in the fall with the newly elected officers.

Unfortunately, our golf club – I believe like many other in the Northeast, cancelled more events than it actually held. due to weather.  Revenue was down, cart usage was down and attendance at events was down – predominantly due to weather, although I’m sure the financial health management of the overall membership was also a factor in many members’ minds.

In fact, it played a role in how we ran our “closing” club event.  This event has traditionally – for 30 years – been a black tie dinner dance.  For the first time that I know of, we held a casual cocktail party event with just hors d’ouvres and open bar.  No band, no dancing, no dinner, no black tie.  The times, they are a changing.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Own Ryder Cup - The Women’s Quaker Hill Cup – New York vs. Connecticut

In an intense, yet fun day, Connecticut bested New York by two points to snare the first annual Women’s Quaker Hill Cup.  The women showed up in their team colors: New York in royal blue and Connecticut in blazing red, albeit most with layers underneath to fight the 2 club wind.  Team captains Kelly Monaco and Cindy Rosa rallied the teams for battle and off we went in sequence from the first tee.

The day started out with a brisk wind, making those “on the ridge” holes ever more challenging for the contestants who were trying to land a shot on the green from mid fairway on the first and tenth holes. That ol’ ridge wind again came into play impacting the women’s drive on the eighth and seventeenth.

The format was fourball for six holes – with the best ball of each twosome from NY and CT scoring the hole; alternate shot for six holes, with teams of twosomes from NY and CT competing; and finally singles match play for the final six holes of the round.

Although there was much good-hearted bragging and lots of “we’ll get you next years” in the bar at the end of the day, a great time was had by everyone who participated.  The Quaker Hill New York men haven’t lost to Connecticut yet, so the women have some catching up to do.  As one New York, Mary Utter, put so aptly put it, “Hey, why should we lose to Connecticut?  After all, we’re New York!”  (A die hard New Yorker if I ever heard one!)

Here are the results:

New York

Points Won
Points Won
Fourball-Best Ball
Alternate Shot
Singles Match Play

Cindy Rosa said, “As captain of team Connecticut, I am very proud of our team and how well they played.  Our philosophy was to stay loose and have fun.  New York, led by Kelly Monaco, played great and were terrific sports.  It was a fantastic day.  Let's hope there are many more years of competition to come.”

Kelly Monaco, New York’s team captain added, “Congratulations to Team Connecticut for winning the first Annual Quaker Hill Cup yesterday. Everyone had a great time and the competition was fun. Thank you to everyone who participated. I hope next year more women will be able to participate as well.”