Friday, November 13, 2009

Ah Golf

I played a new course recently.  Centennial in Carmel, NY.  It's been in my back yard for several years, but I've never ventured onto the course.  I had won a round there in a tourny a few years back, but couldn't take advantage of it because it was for weekday play only so I gave it away to a friend.

On this particular Saturday in November, the sun was shining and the air was crisp.  So was my drive.  This was a good thing on this long course.  I can't say as much for my short game, which left me disappointed much of the time; but it was not unexpected given the amount of time I've spent on the course the past two months.

The course is beautiful, the layout very nice and it offers women a nice advantage from the red tees; something I'm not used to at my own course where the women's markers are often right next to the men's.  It's also what I like to call "mountain goat golf" - in other words, it's not a course I'd want to walk with lots of ups and downs and a somewhat confusing layout.  I had no idea where we were most of the time.

It was a great day on a beautiful track with gorgeous views.  I didn't score well, but it didn't matter.  Can't change my handicap at this stage of the year anyway so who cares, right?