Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sailors Sink Pirates

Women's Field Day was a huge success and it was clear that the last "official" Tuesday women's golf day was enjoyed by all.

We began Tuesday at 8 am all decked out in pirate and sailor regalia. It was a chilly 58 degrees on The Hill. Many of the ladies downed mimosas on the patio and everyone filled up on warm apple blossoms, quiche, fruit and yogurt parfait and hot coffee.

Pirates donned red, black and white, and sailors blue and white. I arrived sporting a black and white striped shirt and shorts and skull socks and my black and white striped Footjoys (they look like referee shoes and feel like slippers). I had tatooed my forearms and calves with temporary Pirate tatoos (thanks Michael's craft store!).

The best part was remembering that in the bottom of the stuffed animal bin that was in the back of my almost 18 year old son's closet was a Parrot beanie baby. Every pirate needs a parrot, right? Having him sit on my shoulder would surely impede my swing, so I fastened him onto the brim of my red Titleist ball cap with clear packing tape. This worked well until about the 6th hole when the weight of the little bugger finally got to me and he had to "fly" to adorn the front of the golf cart instead. [Photo: Liz, Mary, Melissa, Me, and my partner Alice]

Our format was match play, one point per hole won, no points for ties. We played 9 holes, with each 18-holer being paired with a 9-holer for the round. Some of our 9-holers and their families have been members of Quaker Hill CC since the days when the club's founder, Lowell Thomas, radio broadcast journalist who also founded Capital Cities Broadcasting Company, was still doing his broadcasts from the club house, once a simple cow barn. You get the idea.

The 4th hole par 3 offered an opportunity to hit your ball into the "Bermuda Triangle" on the green - one of the toughest greens to stick. This was one hole where you could earn raffle tickets for skill. Two tickets for landing in the triangle in one shot, one ticket for landing in the triangle in two shots. Fortunately, the pin was situated on the only truly flat spot on the green - right up front. Still tough. If you failed in your mission, you could down a rum and fruit juice shot to earn a ticket instead...in fact, you could drown your sorrows in as many shots as you liked...earning many tickets and perhaps a more relaxed swing on the next hole for those that chose to imbibe. I had only one - it was 9:30 in the morning, and this was a little too much frat party golf for me.

We had a closest to the line skill prize on a par 5, and closest to the pin prizes on two par 3's.

My delightful partner, Alice, had crackerjack wit, was dressed to prod someone off the plank, and still proudly plays with her original clubs - including gorgeous, "real wood" woods. She sank two fabulous long putts for us while we all cheered. Unfortunately, between us, we didn't score a point, try as we might, but Alice and I had a blast.

The sailors sorely trounced the pirates all around, by a huge margin, too. But it didn't seem to matter. Everyone had fun and everyone was a winner in some fashion.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Championship Golf

Sometimes things work out exactly as you expect them to. In the final outcome of our club championship, we finished in the exact order of our handicaps. I finished fourth and had a great time. Fortunately, I played far better, by six strokes, on day two than I had on day one. I still scored higher than I had on recent rounds by myself, but it was a gorgeous day and we all had a great time.

Kudos to Club Champ - the "other" Cindy - who won both the handicap and medal play events this year.